Good Afternoon Team,


As I’m certain you all know, the City of Philadelphia will be moving into the “green” phase of operations on 7/3/2020.  This will result in an opening up of many businesses and services that have been closed during the pandemic.  This change brings a number of questions and concerns for staff and members.


Despite the “reopening” of the City, there is still a need for continued vigilance to limit the possibility for spread of the virus.  We see it spiking in other states, and there are still positive cases in Philadelphia every day.  We must all be prepared for a sudden increase in cases, and a return to lockdown – I would not be surprised if this occurs sometime in the Fall.


At Wedge, our approach will continue to be conservative, with a primary focus on the safety of staff and members, and a renewed focus on identifying the needs of members who have not responded to or benefited from telehealth.  Our leadership team is in the process of finalizing a detailed plan to gradually re-introduce select, limited site-based services, primarily focused on those members who need the most intensive, in-person support, whenever it is safe to do so.  The majority of our services will remain via telehealth for the foreseeable future, as long as it is permitted by our licensing and regulatory bodies. 


I want to emphasize that any changes will be gradual, organized, and safety-focused.  Any services provided onsite will be spread out in order to minimize the number of people present at any given time.  All staff and members will be temperature-screened upon entry, and site modifications will be made to ensure there are physical distance markers and barriers to protect everyone.  An enhanced sanitization procedure will be put in place, and staff will be provided with adequate supplies of masks and disinfectant to limit the potential for contagion.  Lastly, a detailed procedure will be developed for managing the response to any occurrence of positive or suspected COVID cases in staff or members.


We expect to provide all staff with a final draft of the plan within the next two weeks.  Further announcements will be made, as this is still in process.  No changes to our services will be made in the interim – please continue your work schedule and tasks as you have been doing so, until further notice.


Thank you for your hard work, flexibility, and patience during what has perhaps been one of the most trying times in the history of our organization, and I imagine, for many of us personally and professionally.  With our dedication to our mission and our support of one another, we will get through this phase, and whatever comes next.


Have a good weekend, and stay safe.