Renita: “The Wedge taught me to embrace people who are different and to love myself…what you put in is what you get out…
the Wedge is helping me move forward by helping me get skills to work.”

Jerome: “For the short time I’ve been [at the Wedge], my confidence level has gone up. The Wedge helps me to believe in myself.”

Eric: “The Wedge [Recovery & Education Center] is one of a kind. I choose to do the work, no one tells me to do it.”

Bill: “The Wedge gave me confidence to speak in front of people, taught me how to use computers and how to get along with people.”

Greg: “The Wedge has taught me patience. I didn’t have patience before I got here.”

Mark: “The Wedge has taught me how to love, embrace and help another person no matter their ethnic background, race or cultural difference.”

Jesse: “I’ve learned how to express myself. Before I came here I wasn’t a big talker. It took me a while but now I feel like the Wedge is family and I want to give back to others.”

Ella: “Some days I am amazed with myself. I am getting better at trust, tolerance and patience.”

Angel: “From my first day I felt loved and I started to care about myself. I’ve learned a lot from the people here.”

Nena: “When I first started I was unsure about mental illness. Since then, I’ve learned a lot and ways to handle mental illness.”

Brenda: “Coming here, I learned how to be independent and speak up about how I feel. I don’t need people to do for me anymore; I’m doing it on my own now.”

Dan: “I’ve learned from my mistakes. I was waiting for things to happen for me. Being around other people made me not paranoid anymore and able to accomplish more.”

Verlin: “I learned how to take my medicine on time, how to be nice to people and how to ride SEPTA since I’ve been at the Wedge.”