Good Afternoon Team,

I wanted to take a moment and recognize Makia Jenkins at Juniper; she intervened to help an acutely suicidal member today.  Great job, Makia!

– Jason

From her supervisor, Wade:

“Hello All,

I wanted to update you regarding a call Juniper Support Staff received today. Member called in crisis stating he was suicidal and demanded to see a psychiatrist today. He threatened that if the police or crisis was called he would follow through with his plan to kill himself. Makia Jenkins took the call and remained on the phone with him for close to a half an hour. Makia remained calm and worked extremely well with the member. Makia contacted her supervisor to seek assistance. The member was eventually able to remain calm and agreed to have the EMTs contacted while remaining safe as long as Makia remained on the phone with him. I was able to contact Lanetta for support with reaching out to South psychiatry and the assigned counselor. This email is to provide the information obtained while also giving Makia a HUGE shout out for remaining calm, poised, and professional in a high risk, high stress, and highly clinical situation. ”