Hi everyone,


As you now know, on Friday 6/25/21 Wedge experienced a network disruption that required us to take our systems offline in order to isolate and assess the nature of the disruption. We are now working with a team of third party specialists who have been working around the clock to help us restore our network as quickly as possible.


At this point it is safe to project that we will be offline through the rest of this week. 


Last week we believed we would be able to have the electronic health record back online by the end of this week (7/9/21). In working with our EHR vendor, that timeline has been extended. We expect MyEvolv to be online as quickly as about 3 weeks from now.


In the meantime, we are working to get our email back online. We should have a better sense of when email may be available in a few days.


Documents are available on this staff portal for download; if you need a document that is not on the portal, communicate that to your supervisor.


As a reminder, you are expected to protect client information. No client information is to be stored on personal devices (computers, laptops, phones), or exchanged via personal accounts (emails, texts, etc.). If you have any questions about protecting client data during “unprecedented times” like this one, please refer to THIS POST on the portal. Seek supervision on any additional questions you have.


When we are ready for folks to log back on to the network, we will post directions for password reset on this portal.


Thank you to every single staff for your efforts to keep services running during this catastrophic disruption. We know you are doing the best you can with what you have available to you, and this does not go unrecognized. Right now, our primary focus is to ensure our members’ basic needs are met and they remain connected to vital treatment. Also be sure to take time out to check in with yourself and ensure your own needs are being met; do not hesitate to reach out and communicate your needs.


Keep checking in with this staff portal as well. We will post general updates weekly, and more frequently if there are significant updates.



Jessica Griffith, Vice President of Compliance & CQI

on behalf of:

Operations Committee

Division Directors

IT Director