Hi folks!

We’ve been making a lot of progress since our last update. This is, of course, thanks to our fantastic IT team and our pilot users who did an excellent job at testing.


We are happy to share that ALL USERS can log on to the network beginning 7/22/21!


Please read the following information thoroughly & entirely, as there is critical information contained within it.


Here’s what you need to do:

  • To get on to the network, you will either turn on your Wyse terminal or use the “internal access” icon on the desktop of your workstation laptop. You must be in the office and your device must be connected to the ethernet in order to connect.
  • If you have yet to reset your password since the network disruption, you will need to do so upon initial login.
    • Passwords must be reset on a laptop. They cannot be reset on Wyse terminals.
    • If you need to reset your password and only have access to a Wyse terminal, program managers will oversee and coordinate access to a laptop.
    • More information on PW reset can be found here, step 2: https://www.wedgepc.com/instructions-password-reset-email-access/
  • The network will be available for login early in the morning on Thursday so you can begin your work right away.
  • Once you are back on the network, things should feel pretty much back to “normal” except for a few known issues (listed below). You should be able to do everything you were able to do before the network disruption on 6/25, so feel free to dig in and get started!
  • If your laptop is not working as expected or you see something very strange in the system – please report that to your Division Director right away.
  • VPN access will not be available immediately and may not be available at all. Since there is no remote access, all work must be done on-site.


Known issues to be aware of & issues that do not need to be reported:

  • Swipeclock might not automatically pop up when you login. We are working on this, so in the meantime, don’t forget to clock in and out!
  • myEvolv “production” is online and ready to go. myEvolv “Development” is also online and ready for use.
  • MS Office has been upgraded, so its products (Outlook, Word, etc.) may look different.
    • If you get an MS Teams pop up upon login, you can close it.
    • If prompted to login to Office, you may do so.
    • If you get “licensing error” alerts, click on the option to “Sign OUT” and then sign back in using your NEW password. If you continue to have problems, report to your supervisor. You should be able to continue working until we are able to support you.
  • Printing and scanning is anticipated to be available on Thursday when you get in the system. We will let managers know if this changes.
  • You may see files that had “modified on” dates between 6/25 – 7/15/21 even though you know they were not. These dates are due to the network disruption & restoration, so no need to worry about those changes.
  • You might see temporary files (often start with the symbols ~$) and files called “thumbs.db”. We know about these and they are nothing to worry about. Do not delete these files.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. You should first approach your supervisor with questions and issues. They can troubleshoot and escalate as needed.


We appreciate your patience over the last weeks as we worked to get our system back online!


Jessica Griffith, Vice President of Compliance & CQI

on behalf of:

Operations Committee

Division Directors

IT Director