Hi everyone,

We’ve got an exciting update to share today!

We have been working hard to get myEvolv back online. We are opening up access slowly to ensure a smooth roll out, and expect to have everyone reconnected by the beginning of next week (if not earlier!).  Instructions will be posted on the staff portal when folks can start logging on.

Some folks have asked, so as an FYI – any documents that are saved to the local laptop’s “My Documents” folders are only available on the laptop and will not transfer to your network “My Documents”.

We know how tough it is not to be able to use MS Office products (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or have access to items saved in your network “My Documents”. It is crippling not to have access to such basic tools. Please know that we are working around the clock (literally!) to bring our system back online as quickly as possible – and also as safely and securely as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the process, and recognize all that you are doing to keep the ship running despite these technical handicaps. We will continue to provide updates to keep everyone as in the loop as possible.

To end on a positive note: if everything continues on the same trajectory that it is currently on, things are looking promising to feel a bit more like “normal” sometime next week. That doesn’t mean we will be back to pre-network-disruption functionality by next week, but we should continue to feel relief as more and more comes back online.

Looking forward to sharing more good news with you all in the coming days.



Jessica Griffith, Vice President of Compliance & CQI

on behalf of:

Operations Committee

Division Directors

IT Director