Hi everyone,

Last week was a big week for the Wedge! We successfully rolled out VPN to most of our staff working remotely. We hope that this VPN access supports you in your work to support others during this challenging pandemic, as well as making it easier to complete the required documentation of that work.

Last week, 24 counties in western PA moved to the governor’s yellow phase of reopening; this week 13 more western PA counties will follow. This news brings hope; knowledge that there is an end in sight, even if it takes all of us in Southeast PA a bit longer to get there.

Over the last few weeks, the Wedge leadership team has been talking about our own reopening plans. As part of our plan, we will watch what is happening at essential healthcare providers in those yellow counties, and learn from their experience. We will employ direction given to us by our local and state authorities.

In our own programs, the first step to reopening is to rebuild.

  • We must rebuild census. We must start rebuilding now so that we can support our existing infrastructure upon returning to in-person operations.
  • We must rebuild our commitment to meeting the expectations that we were held to before this pandemic. This means moving away from crisis management and back to a place where both quality & compliance are a priority.

Every employee plays a role in this critical first step, and we need everyone to help with this effort. You will quickly begin to see shifts from your managers that will move us into rebuilding these key areas. I know that we will be successful through this pandemic if we are all working toward this common goal.

On the staff portal, we updated posts with information on new trainings and new resources. If you haven’t gone back to old posts recently, take a look at:

  • Resources for Staff & Members
  • Telehealth Trainings
  • COVID-19 Webinar Trainings for Staff
  • Wellness Tips for Working at Home

On the portal we also spotlighted of one of our staff who exemplifies our mission: Changing Lives Through Recovery. Be sure to check that out!

We have a longer road ahead of us than we expected back in mid-March. It is now mid-May, and the future remains uncertain. What is certain, is that we have work to do to be prepared for what comes at the end of the pandemic. As long as we stay committed to our mission and our goal to rebuild, we will make it through this together.

Be safe, be well, be you!

Jessica Griffith, MSS, LCSW, CPRP On behalf of the Operations Committee
Vice President, Compliance & CQI