Wedge Staff,

Good morning,

Wedge Recovery Centers continues to strive for excellence during a time of uncertainty in our society.  Because of what is going on, many companies have told their employees to work from home. Working from home is an unusual process for many us; I don’t think anyone could have imagined this. Social distancing has become a new norm.

Many of our staff are working remotely at this point.  Remote work simply means working outside of the office and working from home. Being able to create a designated space for yourself, if you have the room, is important as it will give you the separation of home and work.  Here are a few other recommendations:

  1. The first is to maintain regular hours.  This is important, as it can be easy to work more than your scheduled hours due to the lack of the routine of leaving work for the day.
  2. Schedule breaks. Try to maintain the same break schedule at home that you had at work. This is important: everyone needs to regroup during the day.
  3. Stay positive. We as a society will get through this pandemic!
  4. There are a few important things you need to maintain: the first of course is your health, the second is your relationships, and the third is your job.
  5. Please make sure to practice physical distancing, but remain social!  Connect with co-workers over the phone, text, or Zoom whenever possible.

To all Wedge Recovery Center staff, please stay safe.  If you need support, feel free to contact your direct supervisor.


Walter Davis MS/ICCJP/ICCDP – on behalf of the Operations Committee               

VP of Business Development