Dear Wedge Team,

I hope everyone are doing well and staying safe as possible.

During this time, if you are having difficulty managing stress, there are two resources below.  Attached are information regarding IBC MDLive, an article how MDLive works, and two attachments are from the Magellan’s Mind Your Mental Health website.  Please read and review.

For the employees who has Wedge’s group health benefits (IBC), Magellan Health accepts IBC and is available to help.  Please visit Magellan’s Mind Your Mental Health website: for information.

Please call 1-800-688-1911 Magellan Mental Health for help.

Virtual visits with mental health specialists are also an option. The cost will be the same as a mental health specialist visit. Call the number on the back of your ID card or visit to find a provider.

Telemedicine Benefits

IBC announces that to help combat the COVID 19 outbreak, the MDLive telemedicine benefit will be available from April 1 to June 4 to all fully insured group customers that previously did not have this benefit. Member cost sharing is waived during this time.

  • Members are encouraged to register on April 1 or as soon as possible thereafter so they are ready to use the service should a need arise.
  • A MDLive COVID 19 MDLive flyer is available to help employers to share this information.  ( – Attached.
  • In addition to the MDLive telemedicine benefit described above, members are also covered for telephonic visits with their own primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists. Again, cost-sharing is waived through June 4.
  • In addition, IBC has expanded telemedicine coverage to also cover members’ telemedicine appointments for Specialists, Nutrition Counseling, Physical Therapy (video only), Occupational Therapy (video only), Speech Therapy (video only), and Urgent Care through June 4. Cost-sharing applies, according to the member’s plan benefits. Behavioral health visits to include members with autism spectrum disorder so that they can receive Applied Behavior Analysis support while they are at home*.

For the employees who does not have IBC, Sanvello, a mobile app that is free to download can help you cope with stress, anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sanvello is offering free premium access during the COVID-19 crisis

Their website is

If you have any questions, Beacon Team are also available to assist with your questions relating to your health or your health insurance.  You can reach the Beacon Team via email at

If you have any questions relating to HR, please contact me directly or the HR Department at

Take care and Stay safe.

Warm Regards,