To Staff Deployed From Home:

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of social distancing, especially when you come on site to deliver documentation.  Your supervisors will provide more specific instructions, such as staggered appointments so that everyone does not arrive at the same time.  In general, I ask that you drop off your documents, take your packet of forms, and leave immediately.  Please do not go to your offices, do not use computers or copiers, do not socialize, and do not walk through other areas of the building. If you need items from your offices, please contact your supervisor so that they may have it ready for you to pick up.  Not an ideal situation – I know – but we all must ensure the safety of each other.

In addition, any essential information (that would typically be emailed) will be on the portal that you can access from home.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for your dedication to providing continuity of care for our members.

Best Regards,