Good Afternoon Team,

We have been sending a weekly message from our management team every Monday, but in anticipation of the holiday, I thought I might send it out today.  I know we are living in very strange times – we are all struggling in one way or another: with being away from our loved ones, absorbing the trauma of our clients, navigating financial dilemmas, and so on, and so on.  While Memorial Day is a day to remember those we’ve lost in war, we might now also consider loss in a more global way.  We’ve lost a lot in the last two months, and perhaps the most prevalent is the loss of our own senses of security and certainty.  There is a lot we don’t know right now, and this is a heavy burden to carry.  Please take some time to reflect over the weekend, and of course, but try to give yourselves some time to decompress as well.

When we return from the holiday, we should begin to consider how the world is changing, and how this affects our work as behavioral health providers.  We’ve been in the mindset of “this is temporary, then we’ll get back to normal”, but as we’re all finding, there may need to be a new “normal”.  We need to be creative, and find new ways to engage our clients.  We may be practicing through telehealth, or through other modified ways, for quite a while.

At times like this, it can be helpful to go back to our organizational philosophy for guidance; I’ve included it below for your reference.  We have an obligation to our clients (and potential clients) to provide the highest quality treatment possible.  At times like this, our clients are more stressed, lonely, and in need of support.  It is our duty to reach out, connect with them, encourage and empower them, and to guide them to living the best, most fulfilling life that they can, despite the troubles of a world in the throes of a pandemic.

We are all figuring out our roles now that things have changed so drastically.  I keep a close eye on the activity of each site and each clinician, so I see that some of you are putting in a lot of time with your clients.  If this is you, thank you!  Your dedication to your work and your clients is admirable, and an excellent example for the rest of us.  Please also be mindful of your own needs, and try to balance your work with adequate time for rest.  Your supervisors are available to you if you need support in setting limits.  I see that others are having difficulty engaging their clients.  I encourage you to seek help from your supervisors, and to be open to adjusting your approach.  Things that worked before may not work so well now.  Be creative, and keep reaching out!

Lastly, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our mission.  We have a lot of people depending on us, and we must rise to the challenge of these difficult times.  Please join me in doing so!

Warmest Regards,


Mission and Philosophy

The mission statement of Wedge Recovery Centers is Changing Lives Through Recovery. In order to meet this mission, Wedge is committed to offering resilience and recovery-based services that are culturally appropriate and help individuals use their personal strengths to maximize their potential. This philosophy underlies service development and implementation of all behavioral health services at Wedge. Wedge values embracing diversity and cultural sensitivity and a strong commitment to respect, compassion and positive customer service in all interactions with those who participate in services and with the greater community. Wedge seeks to instill hope and promote well-being for individuals and families who are impacted by substance use, mental health challenges, trauma, and the various complications that result from these challenges. In partnership with the individuals and families served by Wedge, it is essential to provide a sense of empowerment and responsibility in both overcoming these obstacles and obtaining a fulfilling life in the community. To further this goal, Wedge seeks to continually build mutually supportive and informative relationships with community stakeholders. It is this philosophy that supports our healthcare collaborations, education and employment efforts, community outreach and education, and development of natural supports, promoting wellness for those we serve and the community as-a-whole.