Members choose mental health outpatient services typically to obtain treatment for a wide range of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or ADHD. The Wedge Recovery Centers MH Outpatient Departments strive to promote recovery and personal growth for individuals coping with life stressors through a relationship of mutual respect and equality, and we hope to facilitate the discovery and development of innate strengths and abilities that promotes self-determination and autonomy within those entrusted to our care, through only the highest quality of service.

An individual can be scheduled for an intake/assessment appointment, either in advance, OR, as part of the Wedge’s unique “walk-in policy,” on that very same day. After an individual has had an intake, he or she is then scheduled for a full psychiatric evaluation with one of the Wedge’s psychiatrists, in addition to being assigned a therapist who can start to see the individual on a weekly basis, through individual, family, couple, and/or even group therapy.

When in therapy a member is assigned a therapist. A therapist is a professional who has at least a masters degree in a field related to mental health who meets with individuals to discuss, process, and develop insight and coping skills for achievement of recovery from mental health challenges.

While there is no way to put an exact timeline on how long therapy and medication management are needed for any given individual, the outpatient staff at the Wedge Recovery Centers seek to increase competence and mastery of skills learned in therapy so that individuals ultimately become self-sufficient in managing their own symptoms, even in some instances to the point of “graduating” from the program and having less dependence on mental health treatment.

While the Wedge does its best to help individuals achieve success in their recoveries within the outpatient level of care, sometimes there are instances when a higher level of care – such as our day programs (RECs) – or referral toare warranted. Fortunately, since the Wedge is inclusive of these services, the transition for individuals needing a different or higher level of care is typically facilitated quickly and easily.