Magda Hirsch

Magda Hirsch, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, is a graduate of The New School University’s Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy with a Masters of Science degree in Nonprofit Management.

Magda’s nonprofit career spans three decades and includes professional roles in Warsaw, Poland, New York City and Las Vegas. Her accomplishments in program development and volunteer recruitment as well as her success at raising $16M have helped more than 20 thousand marginalized individuals build better lives through employment.

She believes that skills can be learned, but passion comes from within and is shaped by our experiences. As a close family member of a person in long-term recovery, Magda passionately embraces individuals and families on the road of healing and recovery. She joined the Foundation because of her strong desire to help others live their best life and grow what is already a progressive organization.

When not working, Magda enjoys practicing yoga, hiking in the Southwest region, and attending silent meditation retreats.