Jessica Griffith

Vice President of Compliance & CQI

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. She has spent the majority of her
career working with adults who have mental health diagnoses, helping them redefine themselves and become meaningful members of their communities. Jessica has been an active member of numerous learning collaboratives, steering committees, and advocacy groups, helping revolutionize Philadelphia’s behavioral health services. She conducts workshops and trainings locally, across the state, and nationally. Jessica joined the Wedge in 2008 as Program Coordinator at Juniper’s CIRC Program. Since that time she has also served as Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Vice President of Clinical Services. Jessica is currently serving as Vice President of Compliance and CQI, and has enjoyed the transition from clinical to organizational work. Jessica studied psychology at Kutztown University, and Clinical Social Work at Bryn Mawr College, focusing on Human Sexuality. In an alternate universe, Jessica works with gorillas that speak ASL.