Dear Team Members,

I hope that everyone is well and staying as safe as possible.

The Governor recently published an executive order that requires all businesses to ensure that employees and customers wear masks to protect one another from spreading COVID.  Effective Monday, any on-site staff, staff dropping off paperwork, and clients coming to the site for medication pick-up or Sheriff drop-offs must wear a mask or other appropriate facial covering.  A mask must cover the nose and mouth, and be thick enough so that no light shows through when you hold it up to the light. 

  • Acceptable options:
    • Disposable surgical masks or N95 (surgical or construction)
    • Fabric re-useable/washable masks
    • Bandanna or other cotton cloth, folded so that it is sufficiently thick
  • Not acceptable:
    • tissue/paper towel
    • pulling your t-shirt up over your mouth

Staff will need to notify clients the day before they are due to come to the site.  Clients should not be let in to the building if they are not wearing an acceptable face covering, and should be asked to wait outside if a “curbside drop off” of medication is appropriate.

If you have masks, please wear them.  If not, use a bandanna for now.  If you need help acquiring a mask, please let your supervisor know.  While the rule is not effective until Monday, I would like staff to begin wearing masks tomorrow as much as possible.  On Monday, April 20th and thereafter, do not come to any Wedge site without an acceptable face covering.

We are attempting to order fabric/reusable masks, as we have not been able to acquire any disposable masks from our vendors.  Until then, please be creative.  I expect your full cooperation.

Thank you for your attention, and for your efforts to keep essential services available to our clients.