In 2017 and in response to the overwhelming Opioid Epidemic, the Wedge was awarded a contract from the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health to develop an Early Intervention Program (EIP).  The program is designed to serve Philadelphia residents between the ages 12-21 who are currently using substances or who are otherwise at risk for substance abuse because of factors in the environmental, school, legal, family, mental health, peer & social, and dependency system domains.

Services Offered include:

  • Substance Use Screening and Assessment
  • Evidenced-based Substance Abuse Education
  • Intervention Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Community/School/Child service outreach
  • Individualized Service Planning
  • Group Psychoeducational Sessions
  • Parental Education/Consultation
  • Service Linkage

Enrollment & Program Requirements

  • Assessments are offered Monday through Friday and are completed by a trained clinician
  • Weekly individual and family counseling; Group psychoeducation and parenting education
    occur for 6 hours/week over an 8 week period

Service locations:

1939 S. Juniper Street

(and other locations by appointment)