Wedge Team,

I wanted to check in with everyone, as it has been a few days since we have been in our new state of operations.  Most of our counselors, therapists, and CIRC staff are working from home, providing telehealth supports to our clients.  I have been watching the reports from your sites, and I am impressed with how many people you have been able to support and stay connected with.  We are still accepting new intakes, and our assessors are doing a great job there, as well.  Our doctors are working hard to make sure that medication refills, buprenorphine inductions, and psychiatric evaluations are being completed, and we are appreciative of their efforts, whether they are on-site or at home.  Our managers are diligently trouble-shooting all of the various problems that come up, and I’m proud of them all stepping up to the plate.

I want to especially thank our staff who continue to work onsite:  our nurses, doctors, support staff, billers, HR, CQI, and maintenance staff (let me know if I left anyone out!).  Your dedication to continuing to provide the services we are unable to “deploy from home” is appreciated.  Times like this are especially hard on the people we serve, so your work “in the trenches” is life-saving.  You can be proud of that.  We are proud of you.

I also want to recognize our CommonGround team at Juniper.  They are doing a great job connecting with our members (reaching out to them, getting their Pharmacy info ) and following up after the actual Telehealth with the doctors  and checking in if they have their prescriptions / meds were delivered/ just general check in/reminding them if they made their follow up appointments . Most of our members are expressing appreciation for the call and time.  Nice work!

Lastly, our IT Director, Winston Bell, has been working diligently to keep our systems operational, and scrambled to get us 25 additional conference call rooms (!!!) in time for our IOP telehealth group roll-out.  Great job, Winston!

If there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to inform your supervisors, and we will try to get it. 

Please be safe, practice social distancing, sanitize, and have hope.  We will get through this.

Warm regards,