Summer Event Series

Members of the North REC Peer government in their Community Meeting discussed planning a picnic, and discussed the issue with program staff.
A collaborative decision between members and staff was made to have a picnic for the members at Older Adult REC.
Planning and coordination between members and staff grew into fruition with a fantastic day at a local park in September 2014. Members had plenty of room for themselves and
their individuality in the spacious environment. Tables for games and for just sitting around chatting. Close by was a creek to walk by or sit by and ‘center’ oneself. Food was not a shortage, for sure. Snacks of various types during ‘social time.’ Members ‘chipped in’ to buy extra goodies for themselves, and the use of generous funding by the Wedge allowed for this open air feast. Various games were played throughout the day.
The favorite was the ball toss near the end of the day. Everyone was very excited about it and it added much merriment to the venue at the end of this special day.


The Wedge taught me to embrace people who are different and to love myself…what you put in is what you get out…
the Wedge is helping me move forward by helping me get skills to work.




For the short time I’ve been [at the Wedge], my confidence level has gone up. The Wedge helps me to believe in myself.




Coming here, I learned how to be independent and speak up about how I feel. I don’t need people to do for me anymore;
I’m doing it on my own now.



I’ve learned from my mistakes. I was waiting for things to happen for me. Being around other people made me not paranoid anymore
and able to accomplish more.