Effective September 2nd, mental health services at our 4913 N. Broad Street and 4243 Frankford Avenue locations will be closed and merged into our other mental health programs.
Mental health services may now be accessed at the following locations:

• 6701 N. Broad Street

• 3604 Germantown Avenue

• 1939 S. Juniper Street

Substance use treatment services at 4243 Frankford Avenue will remain in operation.  Current mental health clients who have questions or concerns may contact their therapist directly, or call our main number and ask to speak to the program director at their location.  To access services as a new client, please call 215-276-3922.

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Get Help Now. Call us at (215) 276-3922 or request a call from an Addiction Professional.

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Wedge Recovery Centers

Wedge Recovery Centers has been providing mental health and substance use treatment since 1994, offering services to individuals in the Community Behavioral Health (CBH) system at our seven locations in Philadelphia.  The Wedge continuum of services encompasses adult outpatient and intensive outpatient substance use treatment, an opioid treatment program (including medication-assisted treatment), early intervention for adolescents at risk for substance use, outpatient mental health services for adults, adolescents and children, and community-integrated recovery centers (CIRC; a hybrid psychiatric rehabilitation program) for adults and older adults. In 2016, Wedge was designated as an Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In 2018, Wedge was designated an Evidence-Based Practice Provider by CBH.  Wedge is also widely-recognized as a provider of services to underserved communities, with staff who represent diverse cultures and speak at least seven languages in addition to English.

The mission statement of Wedge Recovery Centers is Changing Lives Through Recovery.  In order to meet this mission, Wedge is committed to offering resilience and recovery-based services that are culturally appropriate and help individuals use their personal strengths to maximize their potential.  This philosophy underlies service development and implementation of all behavioral health services at Wedge. Wedge values embracing diversity and cultural sensitivity and a strong commitment to respect, compassion and positive customer service in all interactions with those who participate in services and with the greater community.  Wedge seeks to instill hope and promote well-being for individuals and families who are impacted by substance use, mental health challenges, trauma, and the various complications that result from these challenges. In partnership with the individuals and families served by Wedge, it is essential to provide a sense of empowerment and responsibility in both overcoming these obstacles and obtaining a fulfilling life in the community.  To further this goal, Wedge seeks to continually build mutually supportive and informative relationships with community stakeholders.  It is this philosophy that supports our healthcare collaborations, education and employment efforts, community outreach and education, and development of natural supports, promoting wellness for those we serve and the community as-a-whole.